Getting Started with Laravel: Part 1 – The Install

This is the first article in a section of posts outlining how to get started using the PHP framework, Laravel. Why? There are many different PHP frameworks out there, some popular names include CodeIgniter and CakePHP, all having their merits. One of the most important aspects of choosing a framework comes down to how you feel when using it – does it make sense and feel good to use. Personally, Laravel fits in well with the way I work and … Continued

Direct Upload to S3 (with a little help from jQuery) [Updated]

The contents of this article has been replaced by a PHP Composer package, hope you find it useful.   View on Github Whist working on a new web app recently, running on Heroku, we wanted users to be able to upload large files (I’m talking 50mb-150mb) onto our site. We started by having the standard html form post the data to our back-end code, which processed it, etc, etc. This was fine for small files, but large files would hit … Continued

Stop CSS Caching After a Change in WordPress

If you’re in the process of developing a WordPress theme, browser caching isn’t necessary and it can be a pain because your theme won’t always update after you have made a change. On the other hand caching plays a crucial role in the speed and download times of websites. So what are we to do? In WordPress it’s actually very simple, if you know what you’re doing, to set up a function to force the browser cache into re-downloading the … Continued