New Go Learning Website –

I’ve recently started a new site, helping with the basics of learning go. It’s not exactly a tutorial website, where every step of the how-to guide is explained to you, but more of a snippet repository – a starting point to working out how to do anything and everything which you might be looking at tackleing. This ranges from go routines to json encoding to file management to build processes. View Photo by Brad Smith

Codename Sandcastle has Arrived

First there was Oceanic, then Waves and now it’s Sandcastle. Designed by a Turtle now has a new look after another year of active development. (Hopefully the name and images can remind us of the sunny times). The New Design The new design supports an edgy-look, sharp edges and bright colours and hopefully brings what’s important most (the content) to life. Technically Front-end development for this theme used Grunt and Bower for the first time to help manage third-party CSS … Continued

New SASSy Blog!

Thought I would mention that I’ve just created another blog, named SASS-Tutorials, for web designers wanting to learn about popular subject of pre-processors. It focuses on SASS, the ‘Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets’ and gives readers a step by step guide on different aspects. Each of the aspects is chosen as a lesson and will be written about.

First-look at WordPress 3.3 Beta

Yesterday, the 20th of October 2011, WordPress 3.3 Beta 2 was released. With an array of minor and major changes, this is still just a Beta copy but gives great incite into what’s to come. An in-depth list of changes are available for Beta 1 and Beta 2 on their blog. The WordPress development team are aiming to release the full version of version 3.3 by the end of November.