Make Your Own Compass with the Device Orientation API

Recently, while exploring the world of modern web APIs, I stumbled on the DeviceOrientation API which allows you to determine the exact position and rotation of a device, providing it actually has these sensors. This is especially useful when building mobile apps with technologies like Cordova/Phonegap because they allow access to functionality which would otherwise only be accessible through native applications. But it’s also useful in websites on occasions. To explore this API further I decided to make a little … Continued

Target Android Devices with JavaScript

Having recently created an Android app and an accompanying website to match, I wanted to know how to detect an android device through the site using JavaScript. On the site a download button was created and depending on the device would either say, ‘Download .APK’ or ‘Install App’. I thought this was a clever idea to adapt the site based on what would happen after you download the APK.

Responsive Images, Now & The Future

With the huge flurry of mobile users now using the internet and browsing the web on those tiny screens of theirs – websites must adapt to accommodate this. One of the many big issues at the moment in the web design community is responsive design and if it should be used over mobile only sites (Google thinks so). If you are one of the lucky few making a new responsive design or trying to make your current design responsive then … Continued