Load HTML once with AJAX

While working on a project recently, a dynamically loaded section was needed. It was used in a transition between step one and two in the user’s journey, after an API call had been made. The user was allowed to go back to step one at any time, resulting in a new API call – which was to be expected – but the call to get the HTML for step two was also made again. The same HTML which had just … Continued

18+ Web Resources & Tools

Here are a few web tools and resources which I use on a regular basis to help build reliable and fast websites. Most of them are online and well worth checking out (if you haven’t already). They are ruffly split into the categories, ‘Testing & Checking’, ‘Conversion & Compression’, ‘Frameworks & Libraries’ and ‘Text Editors’. Also, if you like this page, but sure to share it with your friends.

9+ htaccess Uses & Snippets

Htaccess files are a hidden type of file used on Apache (usually Linux based) for configuring certain aspects of the server. For more information on what they are read the Wikipedia article. Htaccess files can be (and are) used for a wide range of things, some of which will be covered in this article, as we will work though some of my favourite.