Prevent your Site from being used in an iframe

Often as a security measure, it can be a good idea to prevent your site from being put within an iframe. This is a measure to prevent against click-jacking. It’s well supported in most of today’s web browsers – with support for: Chrome 4+Firefox 1.9+IE8+ This can be done by setting the HTTP header X-Frame-Options. Htaccess Header set X-Frame-Options DENY or in PHP <?php header(‘X-Frame-Options: Deny’); If you try and load the site with this header present, within Firefox you … Continued

9+ htaccess Uses & Snippets

Htaccess files are a hidden type of file used on Apache (usually Linux based) for configuring certain aspects of the server. For more information on what they are read the Wikipedia article. Htaccess files can be (and are) used for a wide range of things, some of which will be covered in this article, as we will work though some of my favourite.