Pre-built Lambda Tesseract Binary

While trying to build a tesseract function on AWS’ Lambda recently I wanted to use the latest version, four, and couldn’t find it. So I built it from source and made a github repo of it in case anyone needed View Github Repo Photo by Summer City

New Go Learning Website –

I’ve recently started a new site, helping with the basics of learning go. It’s not exactly a tutorial website, where every step of the how-to guide is explained to you, but more of a snippet repository – a starting point to working out how to do anything and everything which you might be looking at tackleing. This ranges from go routines to json encoding to file management to build processes. View Photo by Brad Smith

Version Control with Git

This tutorial is written in the hope that it can give you an overview of Git, Github and version control in general – be it for web developement or software development purposes alike. It will hopefully outline why Git (and version control) is used, the advantages to it and it should give you a brief introduction to using it yourself.