Website Update 2018

It’s been a little while, admittedly, so I’d like to introduce a new theme to the website. A spruce up of sorts to keep things fresh. Hope you like it. Into This

Goals for 2018

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs from software and web developers recently and many of them post about reviewing the last year, predictions for the coming year or their goals for the coming year. When reading one of these recently I was inspired to follow suit, because the new year of all times of the year is a great time for evaluating. In light of this, here’s what I’d like to work towards in 2018. 1. Blogging My writing … Continued

How to: Enable Web Components in Firefox (Shadow DOM)

Web components, sometimes mixed up with the Shadow DOM, are now available in Firefox v29+ under this flag – but they won’t be available to the average end-user. How to Enable: In your address bar, go to: about:config Search for the property: dom.webcomponents.enabled and mark it as true. If your already on a development page, remember to reload it. Further Reading

Codename Sandcastle has Arrived

First there was Oceanic, then Waves and now it’s Sandcastle. Designed by a Turtle now has a new look after another year of active development. (Hopefully the name and images can remind us of the sunny times). The New Design The new design supports an edgy-look, sharp edges and bright colours and hopefully brings what’s important most (the content) to life. Technically Front-end development for this theme used Grunt and Bower for the first time to help manage third-party CSS … Continued

10 Cringeworthy Things Developers Hear

1. I think I’ve changed my mind about… An idea is accepted, it’s spec-ed up, sent to the developers to work on and once the work is done and the final piece is shown — then someone adds ‘can you just change that bit?’ or ‘I’m not so sure anymore about this bit’. This is a prime reason why agile methodologies are in such common use today, conversations like these get caught as early as possible, but they’re still painful … Continued

Avoid Spam Online: How to Show your E-mail Safely

We all know about spam and up until recently there wasn’t an e-mail address shown on this blog (just a contact form) for this very reason. Most of us have also tried different methods of stopping spam bots picking up our favorite e-mail addresses (ever written [at] instead of @? Or shown your e-mail address as an image?). This article should outline a few different methods of showing your e-mail address publicly and safely – and hopefully without any impact … Continued

Website Update

Just a small post to mention that this blog as now been updated with a new simpler theme. Take a look around and let me know if you run into any troubles along the way.

Six Technology Predictions for 2013

After thinking about it at long length, I thought I would summaries and write down some of the things I believe are coming to the technology and computing world in 2013. It is obviously not long until the new year, as I’m sure you’re well aware, so many of these predictions won’t be revolutionary and may appear obvious – but bear with me.