Hi, I’m Edd

Hi, I’m Edd

PHP & Go Developer

I work with technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Symfony, SASS, Heroku and Go on a daily basis.

Software Engineer

With a BSc in Software Engineering, I have a high-standard of architectural and data knowledge.

Linux & Open-source User

Maintainer of various open-source projects, like PHP Direct-Upload and Turtle Player.

I’m working as the lead developer for a start-up conveyancing firm in Swansea called Hoowla. At Hoowla we are a PHP based team, with most of the development team coming from a C++ background. As well as PHP, when I can I love to dabble with a Go project (see my latest site at: golangcode.com). When ever possible I also try to getting involved with the local software community (like SSDC).

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