Hi, I’m Edd.

An inspired and enthusiastic full-stack web developer, living and working in Swansea (UK) as part of the Hoowla team.

Take a look at what I can do in my portfolio, read my blog or send me a message.

For years I’ve had a fascination with web development because of its creativity and freedom. This resulted in the creation of many websites, like Biology-Innovation which was created to aid revision in A-Level Biology.

As well as web development, software projects like Turtle Player, a music player for Android, have been created and later open source to the community.

Aside from work, I enjoy going on cycling adventures, having been cycling in Spain, Ireland and Norway in the past 5 years; and running – which I’ve entering into road and off-road half-marathons. On the wet days (and there are a lot of those in Wales!) I’ll likely be tending to my balcony garden.

Edd Turtle (Web Developer and Software Engineer.