Hi, I’m Edd

Hi, I’m Edd

An inspired and enthusiastic full-stack web developer, living and working in Swansea (UK) as part of the Hoowla team.

I was eleven years old and I remember my father returning back from work one day, it was dark and late. He brought home a collection of computer parts: a mainboard, processor, cpu, hard drive – all of which put individually into a cardboard box – and none of which working. Each component had been tested to have failed. He put the box down on the living room floor and said to me, ‘there you go’. I was left with the task of building my first computer, without the fear of breaking anything (from both parties).

— and ever since I’ve been hooked.

Over the years I’ve primarily focused on software and web development, having completed a B.Sc. in Software Engineering. While at university, as part of a project, I created an android app to play music on the move, with strict intentions of open-sourcing it after the project was complete. Turtle Player has since had contributions from various developers and has been downloaded over 1,200 times on the Android Play store.

Currently, I’m working as the lead-developer for a small start-up company in Swansea called Hoowla, where I’ve been since the start of the development process. Since the beginning of the company, we’ve moved forward and I’m now helping to manage a team of developers, implement proceedures to maintain a stable code-base and getting involved with the local software community (like Swansea Start and SSDC).

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